My name is Suzanne Hern.  I am a Life Coach because I am absolutely passionate about helping others transcend to a better life…to become the reflection of who you desire to be.

So many times in my life, I had wished that if someone would just hold my hand and keep me accountable, let me talk it out…I would succeed.

 I knew I had found an amazing tool for life when I discovered life coaching.

Life Coaching is all about powerful change which make for happy before and afters! Life coaching is a co-creative partnership where I will be your partner and help lead you to design, achieve and live the life you dream. Typically, road blocks and past tries can be overcome with less time and money investment than traditional therapy since coaching focuses on moving forward and not trying to figure out the past.

You don’t get to my stage of life without having a bit of patina on you.

I’ve had a pretty fabulous life so far and am still creating it! My heart has been broken many times, I have been married, divorced, raised three kids, lived on the east and west coasts and the midwest…heck, I even lived in Europe for a few years! I have had money and I have been bankrupted…once I nearly lived on a box of Cheerios for a week! I survived a near fatal automobile accident and spent several months in a wheel chair and more than a year getting my body back working. I have played in bands and taught piano lessons. I’ve owned a boutique, an art studio, bartended, played piano for church, and have ridden my motorcycle all over the country. Each road traveled has led me to life coaching and ultimately, you…and for that reason, I am very excited to share in your journey!

If you are ready to manifest your spectacular life, I am ready to be your Life Coach! Let’s get going!!