Living Ceremoniously

I once heard to make everyday a celebration of some kind.  Aside from the traditional holidays of Christmas, Valentine’s , and Halloween, there are a billion other reasons for celebrating.  I have celebrated Tuesday’s with tacos, the summer equinox, first dates, and even celebrated the dog’s birthday! Who doesn’t love a reason to have a … [Read more…]

Have I Lost My Mojo?

 Several years ago, my girlfriends and I had to face the realization that we may have lost our “mojo.” After spending a fun-filled week-end retreat together, reliving 30- year old high school memories, taking pictures, taking walks and sharing our thoughts about how are lives had transitioned, we found ourselves at a road block…a literal … [Read more…]

Patina, potata

Most days I am alright with what mother nature is doing with my appearance. I have never been one of those who want to fib about their age or dress 20 years younger than I actually am. I have embraced my age, for the most part, until days like today when I feel like no … [Read more…]

Kiss Your Wrinkles

  The thought crossed my mind the other day…who will kiss my wrinkles?  A crazy thought for a 53 year old on a Saturday afternoon but nonetheless, the question popped up and settled then in my mind.  I decided to explore this notion since I figured there might be other’s who have the same question. … [Read more…]