The Roller Derby Queens

She was a super hero on roller skates! As she skated out to the court, the crowd cheered wildly! She wore sequined shorts and black fishnet stockings and her hair was stuffed into a sparkly helmet with two long braids coming out the sides. Tattoos covered her arms, legs, and de’colletage and the glittery eyeshadow … [Read more…]

There is Always Good

As I sat for hours yesterday in a hospital waiting room, the most incredible things kept happening. I had packed a couple of bags to keep me occupied while my mother was having surgery.  The surgery was a serious and invasive procedure to correct an infected hip replacement.  It had been a long year of … [Read more…]

In the Flow of Happiness

Tomorrow is The International Day of Happiness!  I love how we have specific holidays for all sorts of things.  Evidently since 2013, The United Nations has set aside a day close to the Spring Equinox to celebrate and make happiness a priority if even for a day. I have been on a living quest to … [Read more…]

My Grown-Up Christmas List

And just like that, the holidays are here again.  Every year I remind myself how I should have been buying gifts throughout the year instead of participating in the mad rush and stress of finding the perfect gift on one paycheck.  To be honest,  I really do enjoy being out in the hustle bustle of … [Read more…]