The Roller Derby Queens

She was a super hero on roller skates! As she skated out to the court, the crowd cheered wildly! She wore sequined shorts and black fishnet stockings and her hair was stuffed into a sparkly helmet with two long braids coming out the sides. Tattoos covered her arms, legs, and de’colletage and the glittery eyeshadow … [Read more…]

There is Always Good

As I sat for hours yesterday in a hospital waiting room, the most incredible things kept happening. I had packed a couple of bags to keep me occupied while my mother was having surgery.  The surgery was a serious and invasive procedure to correct an infected hip replacement.  It had been a long year of … [Read more…]

The Coffee Connection

My little town’s new coffee shop has sure been a hit!  It has been so exciting seeing it thrive.  Of course, coffee shops are not a new thing and have been supporting small towns and big cities alike for a long time.  So what’s the draw of these places?  We all know that a $5.00 … [Read more…]

Who Is Your Tribe?

The notion of belonging to a tribe intrigues me! It seems like the term ‘tribe’ has become more popular, it’s actually such an old word.  The tribe I am referencing is more aligned to the second definition in Webster’s Dictionary, “a group of persons having common character, occupations or interest. “ My intrigue might possibly … [Read more…]

Reflecting on Motherhood

In 1988, nearly 29 years ago, I became a mommy.  Just 16 months later, I gave birth to my second child and then my third and last was born four years after that.  I have to say that being a mother was something I always knew I would be but I really never thought about … [Read more…]

This Ain’t No Dress Rehearsal!

I have enjoyed somewhat of a spontaneous life…and gotten away with it! I suppose you could say the Sagittarius within keeps me taking risks to keep the excitement alive. Not all my risks involve jumping out of an airplanes or driving race cars…even though I do find it hard to drive the speed limit. And … [Read more…]

Baskets and Bounty

My move this summer was to a smaller home. This was the second time I had downsized in the last few years. The first time came when I had divorced and bought my first house on my own. I had furniture and things to fill my house but it was minimal by choice and felt … [Read more…]

What are you roaring about?

I’ve been roaring lately. There was a time when I seemed to roar a lot. That probably was during the period when my kids were teenagers and it seemed like roaring was the only way to get my point across. During that time I think I roared and yelled a few times that I was … [Read more…]