Reflecting on Motherhood

In 1988, nearly 29 years ago, I became a mommy.  Just 16 months later, I gave birth to my second child and then my third and last was born four years after that.  I have to say that being a mother was something I always knew I would be but I really never thought about … [Read more…]

Have I Lost My Mojo?

 Several years ago, my girlfriends and I had to face the realization that we may have lost our “mojo.” After spending a fun-filled week-end retreat together, reliving 30- year old high school memories, taking pictures, taking walks and sharing our thoughts about how are lives had transitioned, we found ourselves at a road block…a literal … [Read more…]

All That and a Bag of Chips.

Well, I turned 53 years old last week…that’s a whole lotta days, a few lessons learned, and a couple hard knocks here and there that should leave you prepared…but nothing prepares you completely for the day when you come to understand that you are not all that and a bag of chips. There was a … [Read more…]

Member of the Club

A friend of mine once remarked as she turned 50 years of age, that others that age had welcomed her to “the club.”  The funny thing was that she really did not feel that excited to be part of that club.  I am a card carrying member of that club now too.  Happy to be … [Read more…]