Fresh and New Pages

JournalsFor as long as I can remember, I have been enchanted with a new pad of paper, a blank journal or fresh canvas.  I remember my Big Chief writing tablet in grade school or the little diary I got as a Christmas present…oh how the blank sheets of paper made me dream of what I could write in them.

This morning, as I pondered the new year coming in just a few hours, I went to my office to find something to write on and quickly found an armful of fresh journals just waiting to be written in.  I guess I am somewhat of a collector of these little gems or maybe more the dreamer of new stories and dreams to design and manifest.  Opening up a new and blank page is like the start of a new year…a new page without mistakes and full of hope.

Just as one would not start writing a letter with an near empty ink pen or begin a drawing with an unsharpened pencil, our new year should start with fresh pages of new thoughts and dreams.  The best news is that we all get a new year!  Mine happens to begin in Central Standard Time but it will ring at midnight and yours will strike at 12:00 AM too wherever you are!

As we close the cover on last year’s calendar and journal, we file away all of the little notes alongside the margins,  we see all of the messiness, all of the events and plans we lived and some of them that never came to be.  We fill up each page with so many thoughts and actions each day, it’s easy to see at the end of the year where we have been physically, mentally and even spiritually.

 For me, this year was filled with meetings, a lot more driving, planned walks and planned talks,  and practicing dreaming.  I opened my mind to new thoughts about the power of positive attraction and manifesting abundance in my life.  It was a year of self-care and love as well as a year of learning about acceptance.

It is intriguing to think about sitting here next year on this day and reviewing my now blank pages to see how they have been filled in.  So let’s gather our tools.  Do you have a sharpened pencil and new ink pen and a fresh page to write on?  Starting the new year with the simple intention of starting new is perfect.  Then, you have to keep those intentions alive which is where so many of us fall off.  Accountability and co-creating partners are a helpful additions to your tool box. That’s really what having a life coach is all about…and hey, I know a Life Coach!  

Happy New Year!  The power of the blank page is great and exciting!

 The best is yet to come!

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  1. I was pondering my own New Years blog post as I have been journaling & focusing on my intentions for the new year about to begin.
    I always love your well-written words my friend.

    Happy 2017 to you! May it be filled with great success, much love & an abundance of great joy!

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