In the Flow of Happiness

Tomorrow is The International Day of Happiness!  I love how we have specific holidays for all sorts of things.  Evidently since 2013, The United Nations has set aside a day close to the Spring Equinox to celebrate and make happiness a priority if even for a day.

I have been on a living quest to be in the flow of happiness.  You might think that we all do this naturally but I know it can be a little work to stay out of resistance and in the flow of happy gratitude.  There is that word…GRATITUDE.  Yep, that’s the magic which will put you right into the flow and keeping the good vibes surrounding you.  Staying out of resistance is the sticky part.  Anything that brings disturbance, stress, anger, or sadness is a resistance of the flow.  And you know what, we have the power to stay out of it by doing just a few simple daily practices.

Being grateful for whatever I have is number one.  Asking to want what I have and not what I want is a great start.  There is always something to add to the Gratitude List.  When I am doing that, my perspective changes and I begin to feel better which transcends me to happiness.   Once we are in the flow of happiness, there is more color in the world, there is hope and inspiration in our lives, and happiness starts attracting more happiness which attracts abundance and joy.  It’s a win-win!

Happiness is contagious and expanding.  A smile or kind word is like a warm homemade chocolate chip cookie…everyone loves them and they make us feel good.  

We can wait until tomorrow’s official International Day of Happiness or start today.  Begin with just three things to be grateful for, write them down, share them with a friend daily, tap into the flow that is divinely yours….there is a stream of happiness and it is ready for you to sail!