Living Ceremoniously

I once heard to make everyday a celebration of some kind.  Aside from the traditional holidays of Christmas, Valentine’s , and Halloween, there are a billion other reasons for celebrating.  I have celebrated Tuesday’s with tacos, the summer equinox, first dates, and even celebrated the dog’s birthday! Who doesn’t love a reason to have a party?

I try to find something to honor or make special daily!

So today, when I reached into the refrigerator and saw the can of whipped cream topping, I thought, why not?  Instead of gluttonously spraying it in my mouth, I very intentionally pulled my pretty little blue and white china bowl out and sprayed a respectable serving and sat down and enjoyed it.

Not all celebrations have to be planned and attended with invited guests.  I celebrate and live ceremoniously every morning with my favorite coffee cup which I pour coffee made from a french press.  The very act of preparing, steeping and pressing the coffee is ceremony to me.  I choose to drink water from goblets and try to sit for a meal even when I am alone with a cleared table and a candle if it feels right.

We can celebrate my afternoons with the perfect music station or just a quiet moment in gratitude of my day thus far.  Evenings are easy to make special with a ceremoniously drawn bath or even shower where I use my favorite lotions and put on something clean and comfortable for the night.  My bedtime routine is about preparing for the day ahead, reading a little inspiration, praying and going to sleep with a peaceful heart and intent on good sleep.

For me, to live ceremoniously is to take care of myself as if I was celebrating my life as we all should.  Too many times I think we plan on “someday” I will use the china, or “someday” I will go ahead and wear that fancy hat or special outfit.  I say, do it now.  Have fun and enjoy life today.   Being in gratitude for all that we have and having faith in all that is to come.

It is cause for celebrating! 


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