Please Excuse Me…but No Excuses, Please,

A single and life-changing thought came to me recently and it was so profound that I had to share! There must be No Excuses!

For years, I have dealt with the normal struggles we have like weight and fitness issues, financial situations, and relationships. I have read self-help books, meditated, prayed, sought professional help and worn out my friends with whining and complaining. Oh, the embarrassment of yet another conversation about what was not going my way!

As I became as rigorously honest as I could, it became so clear how many excuses I regularly use. Having thrown more excuses than stars in the sky, not much had really changed for me. I kept waking up year after year with the same stuff, junk, feelings…fear.

Excuse numero uno is always that I will do it later. Let’s see, “I will start that plan on Monday,” is always a great excuse for not really ever getting anything off of the ground. Other grand excuses are, “when I have enough money,” or “if I was younger.” A real favorite one is, ” If they would do or act like this…” There are, like I said, countless excuses which prevent us from moving forward.

So, when the bright and finally clear light turned on for me and seemingly yelled out loud in my head…”EXCUSES ARE LEADING YOUR LIFE,” I took note!

The first thing I knew to do was take all responsibility for my feelings and actions. I could stop blaming and including others in whatever situation I felt troubled in. The second belief would be, if I had listened carefully for what I truly desired, that nothing could keep me from manifesting it unless some excuse was blocking the path. If I wanted to be healthy and fit, I would walk daily even if it was cold and snowy. If I desired an improvement in my finances, I would keep totally accountable for all of the parts of the business, not just the easy pieces. If I wanted happiness in my relationships, I would make myself happy and not rely on the others to do so. There would be no excuses keeping me from what I wanted in life.

All of the sudden, I had freedom! I really could have what I desired. The only thing that would be in the way was ME. I have control over me. Amazing!

You can and will have what you truly desire if you stop the excuses. Try it for a day. Heck, try it for an hour.

And as the saying goes, “My dear, you’ve had the power all along!”


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