*Stepping into the Sparkle*

It has been a period of time in which I have been uninspired yet full of wonderful things. Life seems to have a way of constants which are both positive and negative. Things like morning coffee, walks in nature, and mid-week family dinner are constants which keep my heart happy. Learning fresh ideas and meeting new friends keeps my mind engaged. Living a soulful lifestyle and maintaining a flow of money is where things can become a balancing act. So, how do we do it? We keep walking and putting one foot in front of the other until things reveal themselves a little *sparkle* at a time. Let me share some of the *sparkles* I have recently been shown.

It is a truth of life that when you surround yourself with others who are seeking good, you will benefit. I have surrounded myself with like-minded or should I say, like-hearted people. I choose to share paths and journey’s with others who share my core desire to be truly in tune with nature, and the quest for health and well-being. I have a growing circle of these “earthly sparkles” which transcend my life. It has been my choice to surround myself with only positive vibes which removes most television newscasts…really most all broadcasts and violent movies. There has become absolutely no place in my life which allows to hear or be apart of these negative vibrations. My purpose has become to be only a positive *sparkling* energy and it is important to protect it.

Staying in the now may sound cliche’ but for good reason…it’s a *sparkling* truth! It only took me five decades to come to understand the power of being present. The paradoxical truth which surrounds my fears, for example, fear of the future, is that if I refrain from the fear and stay in the now, I will have a chance at serenity and happiness. It has taken some practice and to be honest, I am no where near great at it, but I have witnessed for myself that it works. So for that, I count it as a newly gained *sparkle* in my life.

There is a final *sparkle* to share. Please know there are many others which will just have to wait for a turn to twinkle their light. Keeping simple is quite a powerful one. Clearing space in your life offers an amazing sense of happiness. Whether I have donated all of my unused clothing and household goods or made cuts to my calendar of commitments, simplifying has allowed for more than I planned on receiving. Allowing space to mental and physical space has let the light shine. If you look for them, wherever light shines, there can be *sparkles.*

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