Monday turns to Friday and what do I have to show for it, what have I truly accomplished? Am I really living the life that I dreamed of? I have found myself wondering this so many times. I feel as if I am always planning, thinking and moving. You will not find me idle. I keep my household running, work to keep healthy and spiritually fit, and try to earn a living but so often I feel like I end up empty. I feel my life passing by so quickly and wondering if I will ever truly be where I want to be. I am spinning my wheels with no traction. Stuck.

Let’s see, I have everything I need in place to get where I want to go but certain conditions are keeping me in place. If I was in my car with my tires spinning, I would do one of two things. First, I might gear down and drive out of my situation or I could lay some sand or something in front of the tire to help me get over the spot and onto something I could drive on. Yes, traction is what I would need.

Traction in life does not always seem as easy as throwing a little sand down in front of your tire. Traction in life requires some thought and strategic planning. To gain traction requires not only knowing which direction you are going and how you will get there but how you will keep the momentum and prevent spinning and getting stuck on down the road.

If you are like me, you may feel as if there is no time to even read the rest of this blog. You feel like you are spinning and stuck, no time to relax. You must get out ASAP! But how?

Take a big breath and listen…...breeeeathhhhhe…..

There is always a path leading where you desire even if you have had to start your trip over and over. Dear reader, I know this scenario so well because I have been there…spinning and stuck. But how do you stop spinning and get unstuck? The traction comes from your desire being in your mind’s eye. A belief as sure as you are sitting here reading the rest of this blog, that your dream will arrive.

This is no coincidence that you are reading this. We are always given the tools for traction. The right people will be there to guide. Your road will be cleared and you will be able to arrive where you want to be.

I have accepted guides along my path and will always seek their assistance. I have used ministers, elders and trusted friends to help me along my path but my passion for life coaching is where I find the tremendous traction to co-create my dreams, strategize a plan, and keep accountable. It just works!

We do not magically arrive at our destination without some preparation, some thought and vision. If you are comfortable spinning and staying stuck, I understand, as I have lived in that place many years. If you are ready to get the traction you need to manifest your dreams, then I want to help. The best part of it all…is that it’s your choice.

As Glenda told Dorothy, “Just click your heels, you’ve had the power all along.”

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