Monday turns to Friday and what do I have to show for it, what have I truly accomplished? Am I really living the life that I dreamed of? I have found myself wondering this so many times. I feel as if I am always planning, thinking and moving. You will not find me idle. I … [Read more…]

*Stepping into the Sparkle*

It has been a period of time in which I have been uninspired yet full of wonderful things. Life seems to have a way of constants which are both positive and negative. Things like morning coffee, walks in nature, and mid-week family dinner are constants which keep my heart happy. Learning fresh ideas and meeting … [Read more…]

The Roller Derby Queens

She was a super hero on roller skates! As she skated out to the court, the crowd cheered wildly! She wore sequined shorts and black fishnet stockings and her hair was stuffed into a sparkly helmet with two long braids coming out the sides. Tattoos covered her arms, legs, and de’colletage and the glittery eyeshadow … [Read more…]

Please Excuse Me…but No Excuses, Please,

A single and life-changing thought came to me recently and it was so profound that I had to share! There must be No Excuses! For years, I have dealt with the normal struggles we have like weight and fitness issues, financial situations, and relationships. I have read self-help books, meditated, prayed, sought professional help and … [Read more…]

The Importance of Girlfriends

My circle of girlfriends is one of my most treasured things.  Every since elementary school, when we named a special person our “best friend,” I have been gathering them along the way.  I have many “best friends.”  There are some friends that I talk to each day and others every ten years or more.  I … [Read more…]

Living Ceremoniously

I once heard to make everyday a celebration of some kind.  Aside from the traditional holidays of Christmas, Valentine’s , and Halloween, there are a billion other reasons for celebrating.  I have celebrated Tuesday’s with tacos, the summer equinox, first dates, and even celebrated the dog’s birthday! Who doesn’t love a reason to have a … [Read more…]

There is Always Good

As I sat for hours yesterday in a hospital waiting room, the most incredible things kept happening. I had packed a couple of bags to keep me occupied while my mother was having surgery.  The surgery was a serious and invasive procedure to correct an infected hip replacement.  It had been a long year of … [Read more…]