In the Flow of Happiness

Tomorrow is The International Day of Happiness!  I love how we have specific holidays for all sorts of things.  Evidently since 2013, The United Nations has set aside a day close to the Spring Equinox to celebrate and make happiness a priority if even for a day. I have been on a living quest to … [Read more…]


An “upheaval” can feel like things are getting worse before they are getting better. As a Life Coach, I help people achieve and maintain personal harmony. There are times, such as this, when I have to coach myself. So, here is what has happened and how I am surviving this experience. A week ago, I … [Read more…]

My Grown-Up Christmas List

And just like that, the holidays are here again.  Every year I remind myself how I should have been buying gifts throughout the year instead of participating in the mad rush and stress of finding the perfect gift on one paycheck.  To be honest,  I really do enjoy being out in the hustle bustle of … [Read more…]

Clouds and Red Boots

We may be on day 4 of cloudy and dreary days here at my little spot on the map.  These spells happen throughout the year and everyone seems to be forever caught off guard as to the effect they bring to our attitudes and perspectives.  There is even an actual disorder named for this called, … [Read more…]