Have I Lost My Mojo?

 Several years ago, my girlfriends and I had to face the realization that we may have lost our “mojo.” After spending a fun-filled week-end retreat together, reliving 30- year old high school memories, taking pictures, taking walks and sharing our thoughts about how are lives had transitioned, we found ourselves at a road block…a literal … [Read more…]

Partly Pomeranian!

The Rolling Stones sung a song about not getting what you want but what you need.  I guess when I was advised that I did not need a dog, I could have listened…but I did not.  I wanted a little dog.  I wanted a little furry nugget that I could dress up, carry around and … [Read more…]

Let it Rain!

I have had some of my most memorable life experiences in the rain.  When I was little, I had the plastic raincoat that never seemed to fit right but still, my mother made me wear it.   I always wanted one of those clear umbrellas that you could walk around and see out and into … [Read more…]

The Art of a Compliment and The One-Two Punch

For years, I have been on the receiving end of the one-two punch.  It’s that compliment that is immediately followed by another not-so-complementary compliment.  You know like, “Gee, your hair looks great!  It’s so much better than the straggly mess you had before.”  For those of us who tend to be on the sensitive side, … [Read more…]

Trash Day

Tuesday morning is trash day on my street.  That means that Monday night is when the  cans get emptied in the house and all put into one large can and loaded up to be taken to the curb.  The recycling bucket also goes  out beside the garbage can.  My trash usually is contained in one … [Read more…]

My Last Glass

I did not plan when my last glass of wine would be.  One morning I drank and that afternoon I decided I had had enough.  You see, alcohol was like a lover who kept doin’ me wrong.  Everyday it promised me happy and good stuff and everyday it just made me feel bad about myself, … [Read more…]

Finding Your Four-leaf Clover

As many of you probably did when you were kids, I looked for four-leafed clovers but did not always find one.  My dad always did. To this day, if my dad looks in a patch of clover, he will find a four-leafed one. We have always said that he was a lucky guy and his lucky … [Read more…]

This Ain’t No Dress Rehearsal!

I have enjoyed somewhat of a spontaneous life…and gotten away with it! I suppose you could say the Sagittarius within keeps me taking risks to keep the excitement alive. Not all my risks involve jumping out of an airplanes or driving race cars…even though I do find it hard to drive the speed limit. And … [Read more…]

Baskets and Bounty

My move this summer was to a smaller home. This was the second time I had downsized in the last few years. The first time came when I had divorced and bought my first house on my own. I had furniture and things to fill my house but it was minimal by choice and felt … [Read more…]