What are you roaring about?

I’ve been roaring lately. There was a time when I seemed to roar a lot. That probably was during the period when my kids were teenagers and it seemed like roaring was the only way to get my point across. During that time I think I roared and yelled a few times that I was … [Read more…]

Patina, potata

Most days I am alright with what mother nature is doing with my appearance. I have never been one of those who want to fib about their age or dress 20 years younger than I actually am. I have embraced my age, for the most part, until days like today when I feel like no … [Read more…]

All That and a Bag of Chips.

Well, I turned 53 years old last week…that’s a whole lotta days, a few lessons learned, and a couple hard knocks here and there that should leave you prepared…but nothing prepares you completely for the day when you come to understand that you are not all that and a bag of chips. There was a … [Read more…]

What’s It All About: Love

This journey through life has left me in wonder of so many things. The older I become, the more things I ponder. What’s it all about? Could this question even ever be answered…probably not but I keep having it pop up in my mind and it requires me to think and wonder and arrive at … [Read more…]

What’s It All About: Joy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was just all about JOY? What if everyday we all awoke like it was Christmas morning? The sun would be shining warm and our family would be close to us and making plans to share the day…that would be JOY to me. I am certain that some would find … [Read more…]

Reflections in Purple

  …and I walked passed the sidewalk window and saw my reflection and realized it wasn’t me.  The woman who was looking at me from that view was older, heavier and definitely not as cool as what I had in my mind’s eye.  I was afraid to keep starring at her, perhaps I was afraid … [Read more…]

Member of the Club

A friend of mine once remarked as she turned 50 years of age, that others that age had welcomed her to “the club.”  The funny thing was that she really did not feel that excited to be part of that club.  I am a card carrying member of that club now too.  Happy to be … [Read more…]

Kiss Your Wrinkles

  The thought crossed my mind the other day…who will kiss my wrinkles?  A crazy thought for a 53 year old on a Saturday afternoon but nonetheless, the question popped up and settled then in my mind.  I decided to explore this notion since I figured there might be other’s who have the same question. … [Read more…]

One Pretty Shirt

The old Shaker song, Simple Gifts, says in just one verse how to live life.  ‘Tis a gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free.  ‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be. So, I bought a shirt yesterday…I did not even try it on.  It caught my eye because … [Read more…]

Being Blue

Kermit the Frog loved being green.  Lucille Ball made being a red- head fashionable.  One could say that Johnny Cash rocked the black but who really wants to be blue?  If you have lived through a sampling of life, no doubt you have experienced some blue days. For me, I can become blue because of … [Read more…]