There is Always Good

As I sat for hours yesterday in a hospital waiting room, the most incredible things kept happening. I had packed a couple of bags to keep me occupied while my mother was having surgery.  The surgery was a serious and invasive procedure to correct an infected hip replacement.  It had been a long year of pain and discomfort for mom and although she did not want to face the surgery, she just really had no choice.  My preparation for myself to sit and wait was far less than helping her to prepare in her mind that things would be successful and she would come out of this experience healthy and happy.  We arrived late to the hospital as there had been a detour on the highway.  The staff was ready and she quickly was admitted and prepared for surgery.  As grace would have it, I was completely at peace and in all honesty, I believe mom was too.  We both have faith in miracles and knew it first hand from my near fatal automobile accident just three years before.

The first incredible occurrence happened when I witnessed how every single nurse and assistant walked around with smiles on their faces.  It was such that it caught my attention.  I noted that the energy of the building was good or maybe it was just a sunny Monday morning in June and why not have a smile?  At any rate, I began feeling more positive about things and began bringing out my books and snacks for the long wait.  The waiting room provided free coffee and hot chocolate and a fruit and granola bowl.  I was set!

The second incredible thing happened when I realized that though I was sitting in another city alone praying for my mother’s well-being, I was also completely connected to the outside world through my phone and the internet.  I was connected to my dear friend in Italy and California, and my kids in three separate states!  I was connecting to my mother’s friends through text messages, and ultimately, I was able to send out my hand to hold to over 1,350 friends on social media! Yes, sometimes our phones and computers take from our human contact but other times such as this, it gave me support.

Perhaps the most incredible experience for me to occur during my day in the hospital was the sweet little tune of the Lullaby Song being piped throughout the hospital sound system whenever a baby was born.  The first time it played, I stopped and wondered what was happening.  I quickly figured out it must mean to send the word that a newborn had just been birthed.  It happened three times while I was there and I must say, each time, my heart swelled and I felt a tear of joy.  I could not help but believe that this is exactly what the hospital intended when they played the music.  Knowing the joy of new life is something we all can understand and relate to.  Whether you gave birth yourself or had a family member or friend have a baby, we all understand the tender innocence of a new life.  What a wonderful emotion this could be to give to those who are sick and needing hope.

As I experienced this feeling of wonder of life each time, I knew that there is a power greater than myself in this world…and it is always good.

I am happy to report also that my mother’s surgery was a success and she is on the road to a happy and healthy life again.

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