Who is that Woman in the Mirror?

If you have been living on this revolving planet since the 1960’s like me, you have quite possibly become a completely different person several times over.  Not every cell and body part is replaced but many are every 7-15 years.  At 55 years old, I could theoretically be on my 7th life!  Well, that explains some of the questions we Baby Boomers ask ourselves when we look in the mirror or see a photograph.  Who is this who vaguely resembles the young and vibrant woman I once was?

One of my very favorite women was Cindy Joseph, the silver-haired model who was not discovered until she was nearly 50 years old. She modeled while in her 50’s and 60’s for companies like Dolce Cabana, Olay, Elizabeth Arden and Ann Taylor.  Then in 2010, she created a cosmetic company called Boom! which used all-natural ingredients.  Her experience as a make-up artist when she was in her younger years led her to believe women should complement their age and not try to disguise it.  What a concept in a time of so many anti-aging products.  She led the Pro-Age march literally!

I immersed myself watching and listening to everything she had to say about being pro-age and aging gorgeously.  Her beauty was natural and she carried herself authentically.  I decided for me, I wanted to aspire and emulate her and live the pro-age life as well. It would take too much effort, energy and money to keep looking young and honestly, this 50 year old thing felt pretty darn amazing.  As I tell my friends when they turn 50, “Welcome to the Goddess Age!”  What a wonderful age to be…and to look healthy, happy and confident is what it’s all about.

So, when you see your reflection and perhaps don’t recognize the face with the lines, the sun blotches, the silvered hair and the crepey skin, embrace each part with acceptance and love. I call all of these little so-called imperfections, patina!  After my three pregnancies and my near fatal car accident, you can imagine the “patina” I have on my body.  You can choose to look at these as battle scars or as strokes in the amazing masterpiece of life.   We might be more than halfway through this journey on earth so why not put to use our understanding of life by embracing every healthy day, every gratitude we can name, and looking in the mirror to see the wonder of all of those little cells coming and going.

Go ahead and ask your gorgeous self, who is that woman in the mirror?   

Either you are a Goddess-in- training or have reached full Goddess status but know wherever you are, love that woman…just where you are!

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