Work With Me


Click Your Heels Single Session

You want to get started but don’t even know where to begin…let’s just do this together!  We will identify a goal and start a true plan of how to bring you to success!

*1- one hour session to begin your journey!!

  • $90

Click Your Heels Jumpstart

This package is designed to help you identify your goal and truly get on the path to achieving your dreams!  With four powerful coaching sessions, daily inspiration and encouragement, you will be well on your way to reaching your goals and dreams.

  • $350

Breakthrough Life Session Package

This is a real Breakthrough Package where you will find yourself truly and finally “clicking your heels” to dreams coming true!  You get Coaching and Experiential Breakthroughs uniquely designed for you with the Click Your Heels Method as well as:

*The Self-Discovery Questionnaire to help identify and clarify your dreams and goals.

*A Visioning Session where you will take part in creating a tangible vision tool.

*4  60-90 minute Coaching Sessions

*2  Experiential Breakthrough Outings

*Interesting assignments to keep you focused on your goals and dreams

*Daily text and videos to keep you inspired

*3 months in duration

  • $1250

What You Get in Each Package:

  • One on one coaching sessions
  • Unlimited emails during package
  • Supplemental helpful information emails
  • Email/text encouragement between sessions

*All coaching sessions are paid in advance of set appointment.  If you need to reschedule, I ask for a 24 hour notice.  I am unable to reschedule no calls/no shows.  


suzanne_glitter_lo_30264742741_o Manifestation Workshop

A Unique Ladies Night Out!

This is an amazing special session where you will be guided in creating your unique intention in a group setting.  With an ambience filled with energy, meditative music, inspirational thinking, creative exercises, imagery and vision setting, you will create your intention and begin manifesting it!  The Manifestation Workshop is an event that is perfect for a group of friends or a club!  The session is also a great team building activity or just a fun and unique party.  Come away with the spark and energy you need to achieve your intention!

  • 2-hour session
  • $40


Payment may be made through Visa or MasterCard, check or cash.  If our sessions are multiple months, you have the option to divide package monthly.  I will automatically charge your credit card at the beginning of each month that we agree to work together, unless we otherwise specifiy.  You will receive a receipt by email at the time of charge.  Print and keep for your records.  My fees may be tax deductable as a business expense.  Please check with your CPA.