The Yellow Car Experiment

Yellow carI have been wanting to share my yellow car story for some time now.  It has truly been one of the most belief changing happenings in my life and I have still just been trying to process it!  You see, it’s one of those life events that happen which causes one to have a new perspective.  As I have grown older, there are fewer band wagons that I hitch onto and it seems like there have been less moments of giddy glee.  I am not saying that life had become humdrum but that it seemingly had settled into a season of coasting and not pedaling to another summit.  Things were happy enough and I could honestly say that I was finally figuring out some things about life…and then the day of the yellow car came.

It was late summer and I was meeting my good friend for coffee.  She and I have been friends since junior high and in the last several years have become close because of our love of cool stuff like the understanding of positive attraction, energy, and discovering our inner power.  We often go a few months between seeing each other and then meet and discuss new things we have learned.

This particular morning, I had shared my new ventures.  I had been busy developing my business but was finding things not exactly coming together.  The collaborators I was working with and really just the entire project was not resonating or coming to be.  I was beginning to feel like I had chosen the wrong direction.   I was weary from all of my attempts to launch my business and self doubt and fear were setting in.

After nearly two hours over a now cold vanilla latte’, I had been steered out of my fear and into  positive affirmations.  I was now to only tell myself how things were working out and how my work was already happening all while feeling the gratitude of all in which I had imagined! I knew this process of changing my thoughts but needed a reminder.

So what about the yellow car, you ask?

Well, as I left the coffee shop for the trip home, I simply asked the Universe to show me a yellow car before I got home.  It was a simple little test that would prove to me that my thoughts and images in my mind could become real things.  As I drove down the street passing several intersections and shopping areas, I looked left and right for my yellow car.  I kept scanning the side streets and parking lots for the yellow car all the while recalling all of the discussion and new hopeful thoughts I was feeling about my venture.  As I got further down the road and passed the more populated part of my drive, I began looking harder for a yellow car.  I kept telling myself that I would see one. As I pulled into my little town I knew that I only had a few more streets to pass, still believing yet fighting the feeling that I might not see a yellow car when BLING…there it was…a huge yellow truck just as I entered town!  I was so elated and relieved!  The Universe had worked.  I had done it!  I asked for it, I believed it and I received it!

And do you want to know what else…in the next half mile, I saw four more yellow cars before I pulled into my driveway!

I see yellow cars all of the time now!  I absolutely love it!  It’s my wink from the Universe reminding me that all I have to do is ask, believe and receive.